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In the last few decades, the amount of data and voice communication has increased greatly worldwide with businesses increasing using digital communication methods. Cables are the most reliable way of data transfer from one place to another, with minimal attenuation, distortion and signal interference. We provide high quality Network cabling for businesses of all sizes, for all their data transfer and voice communication requirements. We offer turnkey cabling solutions, covering all aspects of the cabling, right from the initial consultation, design, planning , supply of cables, cable connectors, related equipment for installation and maintenance of the office network.

Customers can contact us for a free consultation on their network cabling and get a free quote. Based on the devices which are to be connected and the layout of the business premises, we will plan the network cabling, decide how the cables are to be routed to the devices on the network, conduits and cable trays which have to be used. To ensure compliance to the quality guidelines and for easy maintenance, modification at a later date, we usually recommend structured cabling. Our experienced staff has many years experience in designing a large number of networks for businesses of all sizes, and depending on the type of cable being used, and device location, the structured cabling will be planned.
Please note that the cabling service provider who requested the content did not pay
Businesses require different kinds of cables like optic fiber cable for high speed data transfer,cat5 ,cat5e cable for non-critical applications and cat6 cable for high bandwidth networks. Hence based on the devices which have to be connected and layout, we will procure suitable amounts of each cable. We will also arrange for suitable hardware for installation of the cables like junction boxes, racks, and accessories like connectors. We also have all the tools required for crimping the cables, fixing the connectors securely. The cable manufacturers will be selected based on the budget of the customer, and application.

After the cables, connectors and other hardware are procured, our experienced staff will install all the cables securely following the structured cabling guidelines. We ensured that all the hardware is properly installed, so that it remains in place for many years, it does not become lose or break off under normal conditions. After all the cables are connected and installed, our technicians will use the latest network test equipment to ensure that that the connections are secure and conform to the quality guidelines for structured cabling, ensuring that the attenuation and interference are minimal.
Please note that the cabling service provider who requested the content did not pay
We offer a warranty on the cables supplied and other materials for a period of at least one year depending on the terms of the order since we are confident about the quality of our work. We also offer maintenance services, periodically inspecting the network cabling to check if there is any damage to it. Despite this, there is a possibility that the network cabling may get damaged accidentally or due to sabotage. In this case, we also provide repair services, replacing or patching the network cable which has been damaged, so that the network will get restored at the earliest.