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Engineering services available for anyone who has the courage to fight the fraud and lies of indian intelligence and security agencies

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Any kind of engineering related work
Basic Engineering based on tender /customer specifications
Detailed engineering
Cable engineering/cable schedule preparation can be very consuming and errors in estimation/engineering can lead to significant delays and cost overruns for projects, especially when the customer requirements change over time.
Your organization can boost its productivity by outsourcing the following:
Cable engineering based on plant and equipment layout.
Finding cost effective suppliers /manufacturers for cables both local and imported
Selection/sizing of cables for different equipment
Estimating cable length.
Preparation of cable schedules for site work
Revision of cable schedules based on customer requirements.
As built documentation.
Have experience in Industrial automation projects in the Oil & Gas sector, Refineries, Nuclear plants, Power plants, Cement, Paper,Railways, Port handling and Steel. Equipment supplied includes PLCs, AC & DC drives, motors, transformers, control panels, switchgear, barrier gates, access control systems. Handled complete technocommercial aspects of the projects, post sales to precommissioning.
Some of the projects handled were the largest in country and Asia.
Extremely fast project execution, cost reduction

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