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Most engineering projects are turnkey projects which involve supply of equipment from tens or hundreds of suppliers. Bidding for these projects is a time consuming business as a significant amount of time is spent finding suitable suppliers and estimating the cost of various equipment (especially non standard ) which is to be used. Since companies do not win all the projects they bid for, preparing project proposals can be costly, especially for small engineering firms with limited manpower. However, if a company does not bid for a project, it is unlikely to even be considered for future orders by the buyer, loosing out on sales. Also since projects are not available continuously it may not be feasible to hire a full time employee.

The domain investor can help businesses cut the time and money spent in preparing proposals/bids for tenders and various projects. Send us the plant layout/BOM/BOQ product specifications, we will find suppliers/manufacturers and their prices, provide estimates of the costs, so that you can decide on the bid amount. We only provide basic equipment costs, your company can decide the margins you would like to work with as well as manpower pricing. In some cases, we will also do the basic engineering work for the project.

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