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We help promote your products, services and completed projects to companies worldwide. Unlike most internet only companies , we combine our knowledge of the internet industry with practical experience in executing engineering projects with some of the largest companies all over the country.

Advantages of online promotion
- Product details accessible to customers worldwide
- Very economical compared to other marketing options
- 100% advance payment in some cases
- Online shops are automated, very little manual intervention required.
Online marketing package available includes :
Research on prices at which similar products are sold in India /worldwide, for example some types of welding electrodes are being sold for $6-30 online
Websites for each product, with access limited /restricted as required.
where people can upload photos/specifications (password protected). Please note that these will be basic websites.
Listing of products/requirements in different trade websites and classifieds especially niche products
Consultancy for receiving payments from foreign customers, account creation, listing in marketplaces.
Listing of products for sale/requirements online nationally or internationally in marketplaces.
Marketing/listing/disposal of scrap/excess material
Leads from relevant websites for standard products
Review of websites of competitors with features
Submission of press releases to relevant engineering websites/publications/directories
Business intelligence - Foreign/local business magazines - many foreign trade magazines carry stories of products /projects by different companies
Information/updates on trade fairs and trade shows
Writing /editing of press releases, product writeups.

Advantages of using our company for online export promotion compared to other Indian B2B websites
1. Most B2B website revenues are from the local market, most of our revenues are from exports, we work with companies worldwide. 2. Having worked on large engineering/electronics projects, we understand the requirements for engineering/electronics products, which very few employees of any internet companies in India can.
3. Our prices are extremely competitive starting from Rs 99 / month for starter packages.

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