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2022 Update. Since the NTRO/raw/cbi employees were extremely ruthless in isolating the domain investor to cover up the financial fraud, the domain investor was not aware that the government financial fraud, SLAVERY on her was widely discussed on quora and reddit. However in 2022 the domain investor has noticed the 2016 reddit thread on government SLAVERY featuring her domain problems.in showing that government SLAVERY in the indian internet sector is a well planned racket of extremely corrupt government agencies, extremely dishonest greedy tech and internet companies.https://www.reddit.com/r/FairPayLabour/comments/5fvs5n/httpproblemsin_description_problems_in_india/

Though almost no one in India will access this website, domain investors worldwide should be aware of the massive fraud of NTRO employees led by mhow cheater puneet, j srinivasan, parmar, patel, vijay, parekh, nikhil sha and others on the domain investor who is also an experienced and trained engineer and who never interacted with the domain investor in their life . The domain investor owned a large number of websites, making money online, mainly because she was a RISK TAKER, website admin and is also a very prolific writer

Yet in massive fraud of ntro employees, , they falsely claimed that the domain investor, owned the websites, domains because of them, she was a proxy for them,In reality the domain investor has not contacted any ntro employee in her life, though ntro may have some employees who studied in the same college or engineering class as her. She also does not have any personal contact details of the ntro employee. Yet multiple sources have indicated that the ntro employees are MISUSING her name, and falsely claiming that their lazy greedy mediocre fraud SUGAR BABIES,RELATIVES and other bribe givers like indore document robber housewife deepika/veena. who are not investing any money online, own this domain and others to get them all raw/cbi jobs with monthly government salary.

This is posted explicitly so that ntro employees do not DUPE more people, companies and countries with their complete lies about domain ownership. Domains are sold worldwide, if anyone is willing to pay the market price, they can always do so. Yet despite getting a very good salary and pension, the ntro/raw/cbi employees are GREEDY SHAMELESS MISERLY FRAUDS who do not have the humanity and honesty to pay the market price for the domains and are BEATING THE NIGERIAN FRAUDSTERS as the top online fraudsters, faking domain ownership. Investors outside india are regularly purchasing domains paying the market price, only in India, no one is willing to pay the market price indicating rampant ONLINE FINANCIAL FRAUD, yet raw/cbi employees falsely and shamelessly claim to own this and other domains .

When the raw/cbi employees impersonating the domain investor since 2010 are not even willing to pay even Rs 1000- Rs 10,000 for domain names for the last ten years , so why do they want to be known as domain investors. Only those who are actually INVESTING money in domains are considered investors worldwide. Why is the indian and state government wasting taxpayer money on identity theft of a harmless private citizen and experienced engineer when no is willing to take the risk of investing their money in domains. The domain investor is paying more than Rs 4 lakh annually for the domains since 2007, the 13 google, tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees are not paying any money at all, yet in a massive FINANCIAL, ICANN fraud of the indian and state governments, raw/cbi are falsely claiming that their liar lazy greedy employees own the domains of a private citizen.

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