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12 gauge, Two core low voltage cable for multiple outdoor applications: can be used for different outdoor cabling like speciality,area and path lighting with different types of illumination like flood, well, in-ground, deck, step, hardscape, underwater, down and spot lights
Please note that the cable service provider who requested the content did not pay
Durable pure copper wire: The extremely pure copper ensures that the cable has high conductivity, is flexible and has a strong signal compared to copper-lined aluminum cable. The tough protective jacket for the wire prevents damage for greater durability but is flexible making installation easy.

Industrial grade cable for direct burial: Designed for use in hostile environmental conditions, can withstand exposure to sunlight, dust, high humidity levels. Cable can be used for indoor and outdoor use, can be laid above the ground or buried below the ground direct, or routed in a conduit. Latest technology and machinery used for manufacturing cables, which repeatedly tested to ensure that the cable are of excellent quality
Please note that the cabling service provider who requested the content did not pay
ETL tested: To comply to the safety standards in North America, the cables have passed the stringent quality control tests at Electrical Testing laboratories (ETL) and are ETL certified. Due to their excellent specifications and quality, most electricians and contractors prefer to use our cables.

Lifetime guarantee: Since customer satisfaction is a priority we supply durable top quality cables. Any customer who is not satisfied with the cables, can easily return them.

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